Common vocabulary (for Secondes)

Review/learn specific vocabulary

Imperial and Metric units systems

See one-minute video on BBC

NASA Connect Segment explaining the development of the US standard system of measurement and the metric system and how the two systems differ.

Imperial UK -US systems : units of length, area, mass or weight, capacity, volume, coins and notes of Old money,

The Metric system : units, definition and history

History og length measurement.

*** Converting measurements : GCSE BBC (See pages 1 and 2).

*** Useful conversion facts between the two systems (and exercises :

Will British people ever think in metric ? BBC article.

Safety concerns as EU orders UK railways go metric : article (2015).

Why do we still have Imperial measurements ? BBC video from Mathematician and comedian Matt Parker.

*** Symmetry, reality's riddles  by Marcus du Sautoy,  Oxford *****

*** Music and symmetry with Marcus du Sautoy *** MAJ  7 janvier 2017