Numbers and their meaning

How can statistics be misleading ? Mark Liddell, TED video

Statistics are persuasive. So much so that people, organizations, and whole countries base some of their most important decisions on organized data. But any set of statistics might have something lurking inside it that can turn the results  completely upside down. Mark Liddell investigates Simpson’s paradox.



Simpson's paradox (video)


Many numbers in our world...



Articles :

1) The Guardian (Thu 19 Jan 2017) "How statistics lost their power - and why we should fear what comes next".

2) Financial Times (April 14, 2016) : "How politicians poisoned statistics".

3) The Guardian (Mon 19 Mar 2018) "It might work too well  : the dark art of political advertising online".


Base 60 (Numberphile).

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The Maya-base 20 number system.

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Maya addition and subtraction

Mayan system number song

The Solar system

Introduction : a song "We are the Planets"  The Solar system Song by StoryBots (youtube)

Number Sets : an introduction (youtube)

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