London World Championships 2017

1. Justin Gatlin gatecrashes Usain Bolt's London 2017 farewell party in 100 meters : The Guardian article



2. Winning moment : Men's 100 meters. Youtube video




4. The Telegraph : The 100m and 200m World record progressions, and how Usain Bold has rewritten history.

Maths and sports

Why do tightrope walkers carry long poles ?

Talk on the applications of mathematics to sport given by Professor John Barrow FRS (Cambridge) at Meet the Mathematicians 2011 event, held at the University of Birmingham, UK. Full hour-long talk.

You can watch the following video to have some details :

5. Paralympics : What do the track bikes used by Olympic and Paralympic athletes have in common with the earliest penny farthing bicycles? Wheelchair racing is one of the most exciting disciplines in the Paralympics. It also overturns some of our assumptions about Olympic track athletics: looking at the trends in world record performances for elite able-bodied and wheelchair track athletes shows that they are both very well defined but quite surprisingly different..... See University of Cambridge website :

6. Sports : Maths carrers.  see :

    The mathematics of football :

    How paralympics athletes are compared using Maths :

 7. Maths and health :

     The MATH of FITNESS : see attached file

by Eric Kim
How is Math relevant to fitness ?
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Ski jump subject

ski jump subject.pdf
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Different ciphers algorithms :

Ceasar cipher explanations
Caesar Cipher.pdf
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Ceasar cipher worksheet and Ceasar wheel
Caesar shift worksheet and Ceasar Wheel.
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The Vigenère Cipher Encryption and Decryption
The Vigenère Cipher Encryption and Decry
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Cryptography 101 : the basics (video) : basic terminology in cryptography, including what is a ciphertext, plaintext, keys, public key crypto, and private key crypto

The enigma machine :

Et une Et deux Et trois femmes ... Prix Turing
Article du Monde daté du 9 mars 2015
Et un Et deux Et trois femmes Prix Tuing
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Article : Morse et Wheastone (site : visite Arts et mé